Thank You to our Sponsors!

Without our sponsors, the event would not happen! Thanks to everyone who contributed to our event!

Benefactor: Katrina Becker & Katydid Farm
Presenting Sponsor: Trout Walk Farm
Obstacle Sponsors: The Patchwork Ranch
Shane Doyle Farms
Ballroom in Motion
Gold Sponsors: We Both Farms
Jennifer Matheson / Katydid Driving
Aiken Driving Club
Jacqueline Ohrstrom
David Stinson, Realtor
Silver/Division Sponsors: Morgan Stanley
Marathon Sponsor: Dione Appleton
Cones Sponsor: Aiken County Farm Supply
Preliminary Division: Muff Herbruck
Moonlight Farm (Daphne White, Marcie Quist & Craig Kellogg)
Wendy & Bill Gutfarb
Class Sponsors: Dr. & Mrs. Anthony Harris
Rich & Diane Watson
Charlotte Baxter
Sandra Nicolaisen
Paula & Traveler Bailey
Karen Marlin & Judy Chamberlain
Phantasy Farm
Bob & Beth Newburn
Jack Wetzel
John & Dottie Paul
Peggy Dils
Shanna Sullivan
Bill & Ann Baughman
Judy Portmann
MCR Whips
Mick & Nilda Burke
Woodside Farm
Courage to Lead Farm/Bev Lesher
Friends: Pixie Baxter
Bonnie Farhner
Kate & Katie Whaley
Priscilla Jordan
Peggy & Jerry Keeler
Debbie Bevan
Beth & Dan Steinke
Mary Baillie
The Caravan Film
Leslie Griewe
Barbara Chapman
Valerie Duarte
Paul & Maureen Grippa
David Forney
Volunteer Sponsors: Lynn & Jeff Legg
Gene Rhinehart
Kim & Jeff Stover

We would also like to thank those individuals and businesses whose contributions were received after our print deadline.

Special Thanks:
Bev Lesher, Nilda & Mick Burke, Doris & Alan Leacy & Kate Ross – for housing our Officials
Bev Lesher – for taking care of the Officials
Cold Creek Nurseries – for all the greenery
Jumping Branch Farm & Julie Zapapas – for the radios
Pixie Baxter & Friends of Katydid – treats for the volunteers
Downtown Dog – dog treats for the competitors
Bespoke Property Management – for the horse treats
E-Z Go Golf carts – for transportation

Update your Combined Driving Knowledge

Katydid CDE - Sandy RoseCome and join us on August 29th, 2015 at Katydid Farm
359 State Park Rd, Windsor.

Ellen Ettenger, well known Technical Delegate with the American Driving Society and the FEI, will be running this refresher and training session for volunteers, drivers & grooms. Ellen organizes & scores multiple events up and down the east coast and CA and has a wealth of knowledge to share with us.

The schedule looks like this: Starting at 9:00 am with classroom information, moving on to hands on staging an event with dressage, marathon, and cones. You will come away with a better understanding of how a CDE works.

Sponsored by Aiken Driving Club and hosted by Katydid Farm.

ADC Volunteer Training pdf

RSVP No Later than Aug 26th

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Additional Sponsors

Kate Whaley
Sue & Paul Dougherty
Mr & Mrs. William Gutfarb
Arthur “Buzz” Rich
Mick & Nilda Burke
Wilkins Byrd
Chef Jimmy Hicks –

Thank you for your contributions and helping to make the Katydid CDE 2014 the best yet!

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Our sponsors ensure that the Katydid Combined Driving Event can be the best event possible. We thank them for their contributions to our event.

Katrina Becker & Katydid Farm
American Driving Society
Aiken County Farm Supply
Aiken Driving Club
Morgan Stanley
Diane Appleton
Driving Essentials
Walther Farms
Derrick Equipment
We Both Farm
Elizabeth & Michael Kryzstofiak
Trout Walk Farm
David Stinson
Shelly Temple
Bev Lesher
David Fourney
Peggy Dils
Shanna Sullivan
Gail Heiring
Sharon Brown
Dottie & John Paul
Dorothy CM Herbruck
Dr. Anthony & Sandra Harris
Freddy & Hornor Davis
Karen Marlin
Kim & Jeff Stover
Lynn & Jeff Legg
Deborah Dickerson
Hunter’s Creek Farm
Kelly Valdes
Margaret Shenker
Maureen & Paul Grippa
Pixie & Rich Keating
Diane & Bob Koopman
Mary Baillie
Paula & Traveler Baily
Sandie & Don Nicolaisen
Mrs. George L Orhstrom Jr.
Judy Portmann
Ann & Russ Schurtz
Kim & Bill Allen
Elliott Davis
Bonnie Farhner
Meredith Moore

Tandem Challenge at the Katydid CDE

Become a Katydid Sponsor

Showing your support for the Katydid CDE is now easier than ever! Now offering online payment for sponsorship and our popular “Sponsor a Volunteer” program.

Sponsoring the Katydid CDE will get your business in front of a captive audience as we host the ADS North American Intermediate Championships and the exciting Tandem Challenge.



Or See Detailed Sponsorship Information

Sponsor a Volunteer Program

Help us out by supporting a volunteer or two. Proceeds will directly benefit those individuals without whom we cannot host this event.


North American Intermediate Combined Driving Championships at Katydid CDE

North American Championships Venues Announced!

ADS North American Preliminary and Intermediate Championships – 2014 Pilot Program

Host Venues Announced!

The American Driving Society (ADS) is pleased to announce the host venues for the new head-to-head driven North American Preliminary and the North American Intermediate Championships. The Preliminary Championships will be held at the Glen Willow CDE, September 5-7 in Avondale, Pennsylvania. The Intermediate Championship will be held at the Katydid CDE, October 30 – November 2 in Windsor, South Carolina. All VSE Championships will be held at the Equestrians Institute CDE, August 8-10 in Ethel, Washington.

Each event will be a driven championship, taking place over a single competition weekend. Host venues will likely change location year after year, moving around North America so drivers in various areas can travel to compete.

These additional championships are being offered to provide an opportunity for ADS level drivers to meet and compete and to create additional enthusiasm for the sport of Carriage Driving.

All updates on this exciting new program can be found on the “Awards Programs” section of The 2014 program is experimental and organizers and ADS leaders will work to ensure the program continues to improve.

Qualifications for the North American Championships
a note from Mike Arnold, Chair – ADS Rules Committee

If you are eligible, by the 2014 ADS Rulebook, to compete at the Preliminary Level you are eligible to compete in the North American Preliminary Championships.

If you are eligible, by the 2014 ADS rulebook, to compete at the Intermediate Level you are eligible to compete in the North American Intermediate Championships.